fun ways to drink fire cider

fun ways to drink fire cider

By now you know I love fire cider. I love making it. I love cooking with it. 

I also love drinking it! Here are three simple, creative ways to enjoy your fire cider by the glass… Cheers!

fire cider smoothies

WHOA. I saw you flinch there.

I know, spicy vinegar in a smoothie sounds crazy. Trust me on this one: a shot of fire cider in your morning smoothie is the zip you’ve been missing.

TRY IT before you judge it and let me know what you think… Just add it to your favorite smoothie.

the fiery mary

Bloody Mary with Olives, Celery and string beans. A cool refreshing beverage.

If you’re into adult beverages or mocktails, the FIERY MARY is the zippy drink you didn’t know your life was missing.

Just 1-2T of your hot and spicy fire cider adds big zing to your standard Bloody Mary. Standard base ingredients include mix, tomato juice, or V8, Worcestershire, hot sauce, celery salt, salt, and pepper (vodka, too, if you’re into that). If you really want to get fancy, shake up ALL of your ingredients a little: add some carrot juice and chipotle powder. Garnish with olives, pickled noms, crispy fresh veg, a lemon slice, pepperoncini, or, if you’re a meat eater, even crispy peppered bacon.

golden dawn syrup

Finally, the classic: mix your fire cider with some honey for a delicious syrup. I call my morning “shot” of this my GOLDEN DAWN SYRUP.

It’s just equal parts fire cider and herb honey mixed together.

I take a shot equal to about 2T most mornings to support my immune system.






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