About Untamed Alchemy®

About Untamed Alchemy®

Like all alchemy, untamed alchemy involves the transformation of seemingly common, base, or mundane things into an uncommon, precious, and exceptional new thing that is altogether different… and much more than the sum of its original parts.

At its core, the process of untamed alchemy is dynamic, wild, purposeful, and sacred: it embodies the extraordinary process of engaging, becoming, and reclaiming one’s Self.

Woman Under Full Moon

Untamed Alchemy is especially embodied in the magic, healing, and transformation of ceremony and ritual. Untamed Alchemy employs deliberate engagement with aromatics, herbs, oils, food, nature, and the creation (or reclaiming) of one’s personal mythology to re-enchant your relationship with your Self and make the mundane magical.

The concept of engagement as transformation is brought to life through a variety of pathways.

In bespoke blends, custom formulations, personalized spell kits, seasonal subscription boxes, and other herbal, aromatic, and ritual creations offered through Untamed Alchemy, you’re invited to embrace and engage tools to reconnect you to your magical Self.

Untamed Alchemy® features blends, products, tools, and kits celebrating aromatics, herbs, handmade crafts, and magic. Offering premium products like goddess, zodiac, and elemental blends, milestone spell kits, and custom blends, bespoke spell kits, goddess kits, and seasonal subscription boxes, Untamed Alchemy® provides inspired creations that stand apart in their breadth and depth.

Artemis goddess kit

Untamed Alchemy® blends, products, and kits feature pure, premium, sustainably-sourced components; everything is blended, collected, or crafted in keeping with favorable moon phases and biodynamic times and with deep reverence for source.

Spell kits and subscription boxes often include blessings from my own garden, kitchen, and still room or crafts created by my own hands.

Deep intention anchors every Untamed Alchemy® product.

From purity and sourcing to healing properties, from symbology, mythology, and archetypal associations to celebrations of time and place, a good deal of thought and a great deal of energy inform everything that’s made and shared. To wit, many Untamed Alchemy® creations are only offered seasonally; many others are available only in extremely limited quantities.

Untamed Alchemy® products include everything from nourishing body butters, cleansing salt scrubs, and soothing balms to goddess perfumes, chakra oils, seasonal lotions, worship teas, and sacred tinctures. Untamed Alchemy® also offers custom formulation, bespoke blends, personalized spell kits, and seasonal subscription boxes for witches.

In addition, private label partners (including spas, perfumers, and licensed medical marijuana providers) look to Untamed Alchemy® to research, design, inform, formulate, and deliver custom proprietary blends for everything from massage creams and pain-relieving salves to soaps and signature scents.

With Untamed Alchemy®, I invite you to deeper and most meaningful engagement with symbology, lore, archetypes, signatures, and the wild, divine magic of nature and her gifts. I hope that you find something to excite, inspire, delight, transform, and/or facilitate your healing–or discover cause to seek a custom creation.

I consider it a blessing and a privilege to be of service on the journey.


Kristina, The Untamed Alchemist