about untamed alchemy

about untamed alchemy

Untamed Alchemy, the Process

Like all alchemy, untamed alchemy involves a process that transforms seemingly common — but often precious and sometimes rare — ingredients into something new, uncommon, and exceptional, much more than the sum of its parts.

Mortar And Pestle With Lavender Untamed alchemy also incorporates a curious, deliberate, optimistic, playful, organic, and engaged approach to working with nature’s gifts to create something exceptional and altogether new to transform and support one’s body, mind, and spirit.

Untamed Alchemy is wild and wise, natural and intentional, pure and simple, creative and magical, ancient and dynamic. Untamed Alchemy encourages one’s joyful endeavor to elevate, own, nourish, and refresh one’s life using blessings from the earth while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, synthetics, or over-refined ingredients.

Untamed Alchemy also invites deeper engagement with the symbology, lore, archetypes, signatures, and history that inform every aspect of the new material’s source ingredients — from their color and shape to their alignment with deities and magical associations.

Untamed alchemy recognizes the relationship between all things and celebrates the immanent miracles around us, great and small; it acknowledges the energy in all things and the intention with which “everyday” ingredients can be creatively engaged and transformed into something even more precious, deliberate, and wonderful than its original parts..

Untamed Alchemy – The Business

Untamed Alchemy is the aromatherapy and herbal apothecary business created and owned by this blog’s author, the Untamed Alchemist/Kristina Bauer.

Untamed Alchemy offers wild and wise, natural and intentional, pure and simple premium aromatherapy products for body, heart, and home. The scope of the business includes clinical aromatherapy, custom aromatic blending, aromatherapy workshops, massage, and private label aromatherapy blend consulting.

Untamed Alchemy products have included everything from nourishing body butters, cleansing salt scrubs, and soothing balms to perfumes, oils, lotions, and tinctures—even magical blends and natural cleaning products. Private label partners including spas, perfumers, and licensed medical marijuana providers have looked to Untamed Alchemy to research, design, inform, and deliver custom proprietary blends for everything from salt scrubs to pain-relieving salves.

All Untamed Alchemy creations incorporate only the simplest, purest, highest-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients including organic butters, waxes and oils, and pure, pesticide-free, wild-crafted essential oils crafted in small batches by a qualified professional. Items are crafted at favorable alchemical, moon phase, and biodynamic times. To wit, some items are only offered seasonally; some are available in limited quantity.

Untamed Alchemy products incorporate thoughtful regard for every ingredient. From product purity and sourcing to associated healing properties, symbology, mythology, and archetypal associations, deep intention anchors every Untamed Alchemy product.

Untamed Alchemy products are the inspired creations of this blog’s author, the untamed alchemist, a clinical aromatherapist, passionate and curious herbalist, joyful and wise kitchen witch, and licensed massage therapist; she has been making herbal, aromatherapy, and magical products for over 25 years.

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