about the untamed alchemist

The Untamed Alchemist is Kristina Bauer, a passionate writer, inspired aromatherapist, reverent herbalist, and playful hedgewitch with over 20 years experience in the art and science of essential oils, herbs, archetypes, symbology, and magical alchemy.

The Untamed Alchemist

An inspired storyteller, energetic teacher, irreverent kitchen witch, armchair botanist, and joyful soul,  Kristina delights in the magic and inspiration found in science, nature, and lore.

Her lifelong fascination with herbs, essential oils, religion, magic, and archetypes drove her to pursue a unique and diverse education in Mother Earth chemistry, folklore, mythology, women’s studies, religion, and ritual, all of which inform her teaching and writing as well as her practice in her aromatherapy, herbal, and massage business, Untamed Alchemy.

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Religion; her alma mater, the University of Redlands, afforded her the opportunity to create a personalized major (Empowering Women through Nature, Knowledge, Ritual, and Divination) through their Johnston Center program. Kristina’s resulting degree studies provided her with an unusual and rich education in a combination of women’s studies, religion and spirituality with express emphasis on folklore, mythology, and pagan studies, Mother Earth chemistry, mythology, and symbology.

In addition to her degree and years of experience, Kristina went through the Scholar’s Program and Teacher Training with Andrea Butje at Aromahead Institute. Kristina actively pursues continuing education through workshops and certifications in both herbalism and aromatherapy. She will return to her Masters studies after she completes work with Angela Ehmke on the aromatherapy documentary Uncommon Scents, for which Kristina is both writer and an executive producer.Save


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