welcome to the untamed alchemist’s blog

welcome to the untamed alchemist’s blog

Welcome to the humble space this alchemist calls home.

My recipes and blends are here,
and sometimes tiny poems.

Long vignettes and concise memes
can also here be found.
Love for nature, herbs, and food
within this space abounds.

This alchemist delights in growing. Making, sharing, learning, knowing.

To venture here is to explore:
Aromatics. Magic. Lore.
I play with words, herbs, oils, and food
with reverent awe and gratitude.
I work in dirt and sing to trees,
I also have a thing for bees.

You’ll find a menu top/side here
With REGULAR blog TOPICS clear.
The UNTAMED FEATURES, typically,
reflect post types unique to me.
If you just want to brew or stew,
Well, RECIPES has that for you.
You’ll also find some dirt on me,
the untamed alchemist…


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kristina-bauer-bwI’m Kristina, the Untamed Alchemist™. I’m a passionate writer, inspired filmmaker, playful hedgewitch, merry farmwife, curious observer, goofy nature lover, and creative infidel who still believes in magic.

This blog is home to my vignettes, articles, essays, rituals, musings, poems, and stories. You’ll find a wide variety of information and articles here on the things that bring magic to my life: essential oils, herbs, food, magical associations, symbology, nature, and much, much more. You’ll also find random vignettes about goldfish and, godhelpme, maybe a Pinterest-worthy thing or two.

NOTE: If you are just beginning to work with essential oils and herbs, this site cannot and should not serve as your single source of information. Instead, it’s my hope this site provides a source of inspiration in your work with oils, herbs, slow food, magic, and archetypes.

It would be magical for me if this place informs, excites, surprises, delights, and encourages your experience and exploration of aromatics, oils and herbs…

Sublime if it also empowers you to fresh, dynamic engagement with holistic living, old world wisdom, and the beauty and magic in nature, too!)

Bless and blessed be.

Kristina, the Untamed Alchemist

Untamed Alchemy® is a registered trademark.
Copyright ©2009-2017 Kristina Bauer
All rights reserved.




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