Welcome to The Untamed Alchemist®

Welcome to the humble space this alchemist calls home.

My recipes and blends are here, and sometimes tiny poems.

Long vignettes and concise memes can also here be found.

Love for nature, herbs, and food within this space abounds.

This alchemist delights in growing… Making, sharing, learning, knowing.

To venture here is to explore: Aromatics. Magic. Lore.

I play with words, herbs, oils, and food with reverent awe and gratitude.

I work in dirt and sing to trees–I also have a thing for bees.

You’ll find a menu topside here with regular blog topics clear.

The UNTAMED FEATURES, typically, reflect post types unique to me.

If you just want to brew or stew, well, RECIPES has that for you.

You’ll also find some WITCHERY, may magic find you….


herbs in bowls on table

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