The Untamed Workshop

NOTE: I’m not teaching workshops while we complete work on Uncommon Scents. I expect the workshop schedule will resume late in 2018/early 2019 after we complete the rough cut. Bless and blessed be! xxxx Kristina

Experience the magic of untamed alchemy hands-on, in-person with The Untamed Alchemist™. 

There are lots of classes on herbs and oils out there that will provide you with information–if it’s just information you want, you should take them.

If you desire deeper connection, seek meaningful, personalized relationship, and long for ways to make your engagement, your offerings, and your takeaways more personal and profound, I invite you to consider joining me and like-minded enthusiasts in The Untamed Workshop for community in one-hour to multi-day workshops exploring everything from growing, harvesting, distilling, blending, crafting, formulating, cooking, brewing, and more.

Entertaining, informative, engaging, and empowering, workshops led by The Untamed Alchemist™ provide unique opportunities for personal growth.

Designed to offer both information and insight, courses invite active participation and meaningful personal investment. As a result, every workshop includes core learning with takeaways that are compelling and relevant to individual course participants. You will be seen and heard, included and celebrated, inspired and encouraged.

bottles with flowers and oil

Every experience provides hands-on activity and provides valuable takeaways including workbooks, printouts, cheat sheets, monographs, and tools as well as products, crafts, and creations to take home and use or share.

Click here to see the list of upcoming workshops.

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