getting un-stuck

September 24, 2013

getting un-stuck

One of the most entertaining and challenging parts of being an aromatherapist is creating custom blends for individuals facing very specific (and often uncommon) issues.

Since my background and passion is in magical aromatherapy, I am often asked to design and create products that impart unique energetic associations that extend beyond the therapeutic properties associated with oils and herbs.

(Said differently, some people don’t just want skin-nourishing bath salts, they want skin-nourishing bath salts imbued with courage to mitigate their fear before a public speaking engagement!)

More and more often, I am invited to play exclusively in the energetic and magical realm as was the case when a client presented with a most urgent need to accelerate a “stuck” real estate deal. Many months after the offer she and her husband made was accepted, the bank holding the property she desired still refused to surrender it to allow the sale to close. By the time we talked about it, they just wanted to move in to their new home, even if it was a different one… To address her issue, the Move In or Move On incense was born.

We could call this incense any number of things, really: it isn’t limited to real estate!

The oils selected are especially effective where law and real estate are concerned, so they would work to reenergize mediations, legal contracts, home sales, and the like.

Fundamentally aligned with Jupiter and the Sun, the blend is designed to push “stuck” situations forward–even where forward movement requires an existing bond to break (such as a real estate contract).

To wit, we could have called them anything from Sticks for Unsticking to Legal-ease. I went with Move In or Move On since that was exactly what this client wanted to do…

Because this product was intended to impart an energetic association and not intended for use upon the body, several new oils came into play when entertaining this blend, namely Sage (Salvia officinalis) and Clove Bud (Eugenia caryophyllata).

Normally, I would be wary of using these oils given their high thujone (Sage) and eugenol (Clove Bud) content. Knowing that they would be used exclusively in an incense–not on the skin–and trusting this client would be 100% compliant with instructions for use, I felt confident working with both oils which are perfectly aligned with our energetic designs for the blend.

Sage and Clove Bud have strong alignments with Jupiter, which rules opportunity, legal matters, wealth, and good fortune.

Jupiter has an expansive and expanding energy and is marked by a dynamic of fairness, all of which were right for our purposes. Sage, of course, is also remarkable at clearing space.


In addition to Sage and Clove Bud, Frankincense was chosen for its alignment with the Sun, which imparts an element of success and positive energy. It doesn’t hurt that Frankincense facilitates introspection, quiets the mind, and encourages deep thinking; it can help to get the user clear about what they really want, which helps to focus intention and visualization.

You will need about 15-20 drops of your finished essential oil blend per incense stick. Blend according to the ratio above to get the appropriate number of total drops for your desired number of sticks.

You can drip the oils directly onto the blank sticks or, if you are making a larger quantity, pour the completed blend into a long, slender olive or corn dish and allow the sticks to soak, turning them to coat evenly. Place the sticks in a tall glass to dry and allow to set at least 24 hours before burning.

NOTE: THIS INCENSE IS INTENDED TO FACILITATE MAGICAL INTENTION. It is not intended to scent a room! Doors and windows should be open to allow energy and air to move and it should never be left unattended.

Also, spare your pets exposure to incense, particularly your cat(s). Kitties are especially sensitive to essential oils and fragrances!

To invigorate a home search, home sale, or home’s closing, you will be burning the incense in an appropriate burner at the threshold of your current home.

Place in a safe, heatproof incense stick burner as close to your current home’s threshold as possible (and safe). Do not allow the incense to burn unattended, but don’t keep yourself right on top of it either. Leave the doors and windows open as the incense burns.

As you light the stick, recite the following mantra:

Stucco, plaster, wood, and steel

on this place we turn our heels

Bring instead our true home now

Fast as heaven will allow!*

Weather permitting, sit on the porch (or just outside the front door) and visualize yourself joyfully occupying your new home as the stick burns down. Consider all of the details that will be true about it and feel the feeling of living in that space. Pay close attention to any new information that is revealed to you about how you really feel about your desired outcome; it may drive changes to what you ultimately ask the universe for…

Bless and blessed be!

*To use in moving other matters forward, just make a new mantra appropriate to your desired outcome.

UPDATE 12/6/13: The client who received the Move In or Move On incense asked me to pass along to blog readers that the sticks more than worked: a closing date was set and then they closed ten days early.

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