Practical Magic for Imbolc

January 31, 2018

Practical Magic for Imbolc

While many people associate Groundhog Day with superstitious weather prediction (or a timeless movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell), witch-y types recognize it by other more evocative and symbolic names: Candlemas, the Feast of Brigid/Brighid, the Feast of Lights, Imbolc.

Situated between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, Imbolc marks a turning point in the wheel, the time when animals prepare to drop the first young after winter, it’s when milk comes in anew, hens begin laying eggs again, days feel longer, and warmth and light reemerge.

Imbolc invites us to encourage growth in and around ourselves, to embrace and engage things that nourish and nurture us, and to celebrate fresh, new things (including perspectives). The day connects to the fertility goddess Brigid/Brighid, to sun, warmth, light, fire, birth and rebirth, milk, and more.

Imbolc urges us to identify things that light us up–and asks that we actively stoke the fire for those things.

Perhaps you made new year’s resolutions that didn’t “take” or you didn’t ask for enough of what you really want from the new year.

This is your chance to commit yourself anew.

With the energy of spring around the corner and January 2018’s powerful Full Moon/Blue Moon/Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy focused on self-love/self-care, optimism, and recovery), this Imbolc is a powerful time for growing/seeding, protecting/blessing, nourishing/nurturing, and otherwise closing any gaps between your passion, your purpose, and your current place in the world. You may know exactly what it is you need–if so, now would be the time to reach for The Thing.

Then again, maybe you’re too tired, busy, overwhelmed, or lazy to motivate any Imbolc magic. 

Try some simple, practical magic that even the busiest (and least prepared…) among us can use to draw down some Imbolc blessings…

Order some seeds!!

Whether you have an acre to sow, multiple raised beds to fill, a handful of containers on a patio to refresh, one pot on your patio to attend, or just a kitchen window to brighten, now is the time to visualize what you want to grow, source your seeds, and place your order.





Don’t have even one pot to plant in?

Commit to sprouts!

Sprouts are full of wonderful symbology (sprouts hold all of the energetic potential of the associated plant) and they’re rich in nutrients. Easy to grow in a jar or tray, sprouts are a shortcut to celebrating life and the magic of seeds every day.




Treat yourself with something symbolic, indulgent, and delicious.

Create (or purchase) nourishing and delicious food that either simmers for a while, rises and bakes, or cools and sets.

The key here is making/eating food that requires time. (It’s a nod to the passage of seasons, the shift from light to dark, and the dynamic nature of the world.) In keeping with this feast day’s symbology, make something with eggs, whole milk, cheese, and/or cream. Cheesecake is a sublime choice. (Combining fire, cream, and eggs in creme brulée is an inspired choice…) Off eggs and dairy? Make something using nuts and nut milk instead. (Need inspiration? Check out the amazing nut milk and moon ball post from The Wondersmith…)



Feeling upside down with your time? Wanting more time for yourself?

Reset your schedule!

Set your alarm for one hour earlier than usual for one week–and protect. that. time.

Let it be the gift that gives you time to journal, the moment you need to indulge your body in self-care, the time you crave for stretching and meditation–whatever lights you up.

I hope we all wake up on February 2nd burning with desire, urgent with joyful intention, and warmed by possibility.


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