About This Site

August 26, 2017

About This Site

Welcome to the wee corner of the interweb where I share articles, insights, recipes, and resources from my life lived at the intersection of personal myth, meaning, and medicine.

I’m Kristina, The Untamed Alchemist.

I’m an inspired storyteller whose work reflects my love of narrative, archetypes, alchemy, symbology, folklore, and liberation theology; I delight in the art & science of aromatics, herbs, oils, food, and Mother Earth chemistry, and reverent relationship with nature, magick and medicine.

My work is profoundly informed by my education in women’s studies, religion, liberation theology, ritual, and divination, my training as an aromatherapist, herbalist, distiller, teacher, and facilitator, and my experience as a craftswoman, farmer, gardener, and witch living in North Idaho. I’ve actively engaged ceremony, myth-making, magick, and nature worship since I first began dancing with the moon 30 years ago.

I’m passionate about engaging personal narrative, stories, and storytelling as soul medicine and encouraging intentional, courageous inquiry and reclaiming for healing and transformation.

I see deliberate, dynamic relationship with individual and collective stories as a means to change and heal the world.

These pages feature articles, insights, recipes, resources, and personal posts that are inevitably connected to my experience of what I call untamed alchemy. This wild and wise, natural and intentional, pure and simple approach is an invitation to curiously, conscientiously, courageously, thoughtfully, and deliberately engage in the relationships we curate, stories we tell, and things we create.

You can show your support for my work through my business at Untamed Alchemy. Online courses and shared group experienves exploring the fundamentals behind Untamed Alchemy will be available in The Untamed Experience in the latter half of 2020. You can work with me via 1:1 spiritual/transformation coaching through Untamed Alchemy as well.

I hope you find inspiration, comfort, courage, hope, humor, and refuge here. May you be ever delighted and supported in the joy of creating and living your story.

Bless and Blessed Be.

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