about the new site

about the new site

Hello, friends!

If you’ve been visiting The Untamed Alchemist on the web for some time and just returned, you’ve doubtless noticed a few changes…

The site has been updated to offer a more user-friendly experience, improved functionality, and new features. (Helloooo, printable recipes!)

Many of the changes to the site also reflect some subtle changes behind the scenes…

For one thing, our eating habits now reflect more vegan and vegetarian choices.

The fact is, eliminating meat–especially processed meat–has had an enormously positive effect in our lives and in our hearts. It has also created opportunities for lots of delicious new experiments in the kitchen that I want to save and share.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved and upgraded my aromatic blending studio: all of my tools and resources are now in one dedicated space.

With the high-shear mixer, bottling machine, herbs, oils, and books all conveniently organized, I expect to be sharing both more recipes and more insights. I want the recipes and articles to be easier to find, use, and share.

I’ve got LOTS of new articles to go up, too.

Since many of the articles-in-waiting either complete existing series (yes, the oils and herbs for zodiac signs will be done soon!), launch new series (get ready for craft/creation posts), or head in directions I haven’t gone deep with yet on the site (more notes from this pilgrim!), I want all of the new pieces to land where they will be easy to find according to their category.

So, you’ll find the categories you may already know and love getting deeper and wider. Also…

Workshops and events in The Untamed Workshop will be returning soon…

The new site will make it easier than ever to see and register for upcoming events. Finally….

If you know me, you know that magic and nature inform how I see the world and how I move through life.

While I have often kept my work and my practice close to the vest, I regularly write about them–only I don’t share it. Lately I feel called to share much more from behind the veil; I’m busily organizing many of my tools and resources to be able to add depth and breadth to the categories, topics, and features most meaningful to me.

I’m grateful for your compassion as we work through bugs and get everything set up for you between now and the end of October…. There is still lots of work to do and there are more surprises coming!

I hope you enjoy the new platform!

Bless and Blessed be!


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