happy plants for da bees!

With spring showing her slip in everything from fruit blossoms to new blades of grass, lots of green thumbs are itching to get in the garden and plant in earnest. As you might imagine, I’m partial to organic, unsprayed garden gems that not only have medicinal and food value, but also support our invaluable, pollinating friends, the bees.

This handy info graphic by Hannah Rosengren reveals how you, too, can keep the little winged wonders in mind when adding to your annual, perennial, and herb gardens this year. There are many more bee-friendly plants from which to choose, but these are simple favorites most anyone can incorporate. Of course, a blossoming fruit tree, fruiting “vegetables” such as squashes, zucchinis, cucumbers, and melons (all of which are actually fruit…) are also wonderful choices.

May your garden be beautiful, your harvest be bountiful, and your bees be blessed!

Plants for the Bees

Image created by Hannah Rosengren–her copyright 2013

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