Sweet Retreat Scrying Incense

April 18, 2017

Sweet Retreat Scrying Incense

Some days, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees or the answers for the questions.

On those days, we need a little clarity and comfort.

This incense, designed for burning on charcoal, is a sweet, soothing comfort when your heart is weary. Crafted to encourage quiet contemplation, meaningful meditation, and a sense of security, it features dried flowers, exotic resins, a few drops of essential oils, and some sweet vanilla powder.

I like to burn a pinch when I’m in the tub soaking in an indulgent aromatic bath. By focusing on the billowing smoke rising from the burner, I can forget my worries, stay with my questions, and hear the messages the Universe has for me.

This Sweet Retreat incense has only five ingredients: dried organic rose buds, dried jasmine flowers, myrrh resin, frankincense resin, and dried vanilla powder.

To make the incense, place about three tablespoons each of the myrrh and frankincense resin in a grinder dedicated for herbal/aromatic use. Grind the resins until they are just coarse.

IMG_2369To intensify the aroma of the rose and jasmine, I add a couple of drops each of rose absolute and jasmine absolute to the resins before grinding to blend one final time until the resins are finely powdered.

Combine the ground resins in a jar with one tablespoon vanilla powder, and three tablespoons each dried rose and jasmine flowers. Shake well to combine the resins and buds.

(It will be most fragrant is allowed to set for a few days before first use.)

To enjoy, apply a pinch of the incense to a hot charcoal disk in a fire/heatproof dish. (I love my soapstone bowl from Stillpoint Aromatics… I just fill it with sand, light the charcoal, and ahhhhh….)

Release your questions, invite the answers.

Allow the rising smoke to carry away your concerns. Allow the wisdom of Athena and the love of Aphrodite to fill your body through your deep, slow breaths.

Exhale powerfully to move the energy you need to release, breathe deep to restore and fill yourself anew.

Be gentle with yourself.

Bless and blessed be!


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