Indulging the Divine Feminine: Raspberry Ice Cream

July 22, 2019

Indulging the Divine Feminine: Raspberry Ice Cream

I often find the magical and the mundane meeting in the wild places around our homestead. Last week, overcome with a calling to wander the property while I pondered the Divine Feminine, my eye caught a glimpse of red coming from the bushes at the edge of our seasonal creek. Sure enough, the raspberry bushes that volunteered there were offering up their first luscious fruits and I chuckled.

Raspberry is, after all, a plant embodiment that helps us celebrate the Divine Feminine.

Red Raspberry Ripened On A Branch With Leaves. Ripe Delicious Re

Associated with the Moon, Venus, and women’s wellness–particularly childbirth and mothering–raspberry holds true medicine for a weary woman’s soul. She holds powerful alignments in that her fruit is at once sweet and tart, her plant parts soft and prickly. She is a profound archetype for the wild, complex, nurturing, and tenacious spirit of the feminine. Sacred to goddesses like Leto, Rhea, Artemis, Hera, and Cernunnos thanks to her association with motherhood and fertility, raspberry is deeply nurturing to our spirits. From her leaves to her fruits, she offers big healing energy and invites connection with the sacred feminine in and around us.

Seeing as I had been pondering just such magic while I wandered, I wasted no time grabbing a bowl and collecting some of her blessings.

From raspberry’s abundance, an ice cream as sweet, rich, and wild as the Divine Feminine was born.


We think this this cool, sweet, fresh indulgence to be the perfect treat for a full, feminine moon celebration–or a hot summer night that finds you wanting a little magic…

raspberry ice cream.jpg

Wishing you sweet, wild things… Bless and blessed be!


The Untamed Alchemist