the what & how of untamed alchemy

the what & how of untamed alchemy


Generate passion for the science, history, art, lore, and magic of using natural blessings including pure essential oils, herbs, aromatics, and food for the benefit of body, mind, and spirit.

Celebrate nature’s gifts by sharing pure, premium, hand- and homemade aromatherapy, herbal, and magical blends/recipes incorporating the highest quality organic raw ingredients.

Encourage enthusiasm for creating home cooked meals, handmade crafts, and DIY products for personal care and wellness.

Create opportunities for individuals to thoughtfully engage their environment, consciously transform their truth, and actively improve their quality of life using natural ingredients and ancient wisdom.

Educate, empower, and inspire individuals with respect to the safe personal use of essential oils, herbs, and aromatics for health and wellness.

Remain curious, conscious, and consistent in my own exploration and discovery such that I continue to learn, grow, and improve myself.

Bless and blessed be!

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