you can take these things for granted

December 30, 2012

you can take these things for granted

I find mystic delight in biology, chemistry, archetypes, and ritual. I am passionate about nature, aromatherapy, herbs and magic and LOVE educating and empowering others about them.

With my classes, I am committed to providing a fun, informative, empowering, and generous learning environment that provides hands-on experience, engaging presentations, and valuable takeaways including personal, premium aromatherapy for yourself, family, and friends. I offer students a chance to work with the purest form of the highest quality ingredients in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

In my business, I have committed to using only pure, premium, natural ingredients including:

  • Organic, Unrefined Oils & Butters

  • Sustainably–Sourced Salts

  • Wild-Crafted, Pesticide-Free Essential Oils

combined to create:

  • Impossibly Small Batch

  • Thoughtfully Crafted

  • Symbolically Aligned

  • Aroma-Therapeutically Beneficial

that are always created:

  • With Attention and Intention

  • By a Trained Aromatherapist

  • With Your Thriving in Mind

I try to keep things wild and wise, natural and intentional, pure and simple. I’ve been making aroma, herb, and oil recipes for over twenty-five years after first discovering their joys and symbology in college. Since then, I’ve not only developed unusual, natural blends for zodiac, goddess, elemental, and seasonal essential oil blends, I’ve also come to appreciate–and learned to make–pure and simple recipes for exquisite treats like natural salves, body butters, creams, lotions, and oils.

I consider it a privilege to be offering classes that encourage essential oil education, raise awareness for natural living, and empower an individual to actively engage with their own wellness. I take pride in building a business that offers thoughtfully created, intentionally-made natural products for mind, body, and spirit. I also take that responsibility quite seriously.

I don’t test on animals and I don’t use synthetics. I do not use parabens, sulfates, or other questionable ingredients in the making of Untamed Alchemy products or in crafting my recipes. I use these products myself. I don’t skimp on ingredients and would not dream of adding fillers. I’m passionate about them because they changed my life.


Kristina, The Untamed Alchemist

P.S. – I am fairly certain the cosmetic-labeling gods are going to frown upon my attempting to formally state this on the label, so you’ll just have to trust me on the fact that there is one more thing you can take for granted: no matter what I am creating, the first ingredient is always LOVE.

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