full disclosure: i’ve got nothin’ but love

full disclosure: i’ve got nothin’ but love

After the interwebnet put my words on the wind and made a wee blog post go more than a little viral in 2015, an associate commented that it must be exciting to be making money off of this blog thanks to all the new “views.” I actually laughed out loud.

In the interest of full disclosure, let me me just say: this blog isn’t monetized. I actually pay to keep the blog free of ads, pop-ups, and distractions. When posts go viral or get widely shared, it’s my heart, not my pocketbook, that gets bigger. So, please DO like, share, and comment kindly if you’re so inclined. In my world, THAT’s money!

(The love is better than gold to this alchemist.)

Links, both external and internal, are also independent of any compensation. I do provide direct links on my “books, links, and more…” page to connect blog readers with various resources, but those links are monetized. The only person who makes da monies is the merchant and/or the author (sadly, mostly the merchant….).

There are also no affiliate links about which I need to inform you to remain in FTC compliance. I do have affiliate links to a few of my essential oil and herb suppliers, I just don’t use them on the blog: I share them with my workshop participants to help them source directly from the suppliers who provided the materials used in my workshops. So, I am not monetized for talking about or pointing to resources. (Please do tell them I sent you!)

As information, I am linked to both a business and a project that may appear on this blog:  Uncommon Scents the inspired aromatherapy documentary and Untamed Alchemy (my business). I don’t actively leverage this blog in promoting them so there’s no pressure, no fuss, but they are a part of my life.

So now you know: I’m not makin’ a dime off ‘ya via the blog.

And I am SUPER grateful for the LOVE.

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